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About Us

Founded in March 2001, SySense Incorporated was formed by a group of engineers from UCLA to develop and to provide real-time fault-tolerant navigation, guidance, and control solutions and systems for the aerospace industry. Our high-precision solutions have been used in many applications from the first Autonomous Formation Flight (AFF) in 2001 to navigation software used in the Autonomous Aerial Refueling (AAR) program in 2006 and the 2007 DARPA System F6 project in 2010.

In addition to our relative navigation systems, SySense, Inc. has developed numerous analytical redundancy methods using dissimilar instruments. By computing the integrity of the entire system, they allow for significant savings in total system cost without sacrificing integrity. We have further refined the fault-toleraant algorithms to be come standalone fault detection, isolation, and identification (FDI) algorithms and systems. Our FDI approach has been supported by various NASA research centers and is capable of detecting defects in hardware that would usually be lost in the noise. SySense, Inc. has also developed a suite of guidance algorithms for periodic flight which can be applied to either hypersonic soar vehicles or to extend the loitering time of jet aircraft or UAVs.

Originally established in Pomona, SySense recently relocated to El Segundo in 2009. Currently, all SySense, Inc. engineers hold advanced degrees, many with PhDs in fields related to guidance and control.

Our expertise at SySense, Inc. in sensor fusion can be used in guidance, navigation, and control applications from aircraft and missiles to satellites and space probes. Utilizing sensor fusion methods, your real-time systems can experience gains in precision while increasing integrity.

We are here: 33.91853 LAT -118.39281 LON